“For me P.mela Swingin’ Shoes is not only a shoe brand – it is a creative project.

A project that first of all pushes me to create and learn new skills, in a hope to inspire people to practice and explore the world of dance. Yes – dance, I have been a dancer myself since I was 5 years old, and footwear for me is the most important tool to execute the dance.

Crafting the dance shoes

I tried to create a pair of shoes that would help me to dance. I carefully chose the sole so it would be slippery enough but not too much. I choose soft leather for the shoes so it’s easy to break them in and the shape adapts to the foot. I love turns and slides, especially heel slides – so I was looking for a pair that would make it possible to explore this type of movement and also swing dancing a rhythmical dance. So maybe it sounds a bit funny, but it’s important to me that the shoes would have a good solid sound and I think they do!

Bonding with Friends

If I’m completely honest I got into this shoe making business also because I could spend more time with my incredibly talented and supportive friends who make every single project special. There have been so many people who took part in creating the shoes, the collections, the visuals and all – it’s always lovely to collaborate with people that are dear to me.

Limited and with a Story to tell

So my favorite thing about Swingin’Shoes is that every collection is totally handcrafted & very limited edition with different sets of values and messages. We also celebrate sustainability through durability and shoe material we use – the leather that is the factory waste. All because of this limitedness we usually don’t get to make the same color choices twice – so you won’t meet many pairs of the same shoes on the dance floor. Feels special, doesn’t it?”


Made of sweet adventures and curious hearts. ​