We know, that it is very tempting to try the shoes on your foot right away after you received them, but it is very important and useful to impregnate them first. This will make sure that your Swingin’Shoes will be protected from the humidity and dirt. This way they will be your long lasting buddies.
If shoes got dusty, try to clean them with a dry cloth first. If shoes got dirty, clean them with cold running water or clean them with a damp cloth. If it got too dirty and water is not enough, use only specialized products for leather cleaning.
Conditioning your leather shoes will help soften and moisturize the leather and protect it from dringy out or cracking. Also, look for a natural conditioner that leather absorbs well, as opposed to a synthetic conditioner that sits on top of the surface.

After you have worn your shoes, put them in a dry place. You can also put some newspapers inside to make the drying process faster. This way the humidity would get into the paper.

DO NOT place them near the heater, radiator and never dry them in unnatural way, for example with a hair dryer. Shoes are made entirely from the leather and the heat may change the shape of the shoe.

DO NOT place them in a plastic or any other bag, which does not have a good air circulation. If the shoes are wet this may cause bad odour.