Don’t Be Beautiful

Limited Edition – only 20 pairs were made!

Nikita Gill: “They keep saying that beautiful is something a girl needs to be. But honestly? Forget that. Don’t be beautiful. Be angry, be intelligent, bet witty, be klutzy, be interesting, be funny, be adventurous, be crazy, be talented – there are an eternity of other things to be, other than beautiful. And what is beautiful anyway but a set of letters strung together to make a word? Be your own definition of amazing, always. That is so much more important than anything beautiful, ever.” (Poem “Don’t Be Beautiful”)

“I remember that I was deeply touched by Nikita Gill poem “Don’t be beautiful” and I tried to carry this message wishing bravery for myself and others, and acceptance of clumsiness for my self and others.” 

– Pamela

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