Dancer, we know you’ve tried to resist, but let’s be honest - you need some Shag in your life. There is no better music than an up tempo swing that makes your heart roll and your feet hop faster in the rhythm of Sloooow Sloooow Quick Quick. Pamela is no stranger to Collegiate Shag and what better collaboration than with two local Shag birds Arnas and Egle!

Without further ado, we introduce you to Double quicks and Slow kicks.

Meet Double quicks - Storm! 

The Collegiate Shag community is something else - we saw them dancing 8 min to 300BPM, we saw them dancing in Dinosaurs costumes, we also saw them crowd surfing! Unmeasurable amount of true joy, fun and craziness lives in the heart of every Collegiate Shag dancer - just like in these stunning boots.

Meet Slow kicks - Calm! 

Collegiate Shag doesn’t only make you a little bit crazy - it makes you dream and imagine, it makes you do things you thought were incapable of. After some o u t o f t h i s w o r l d fast dancing it makes you happy and calm - these shoes represent exactly that - a little calm after a great storm.

There is calmness in every storm

 a step that crowns Collegiate Shag.

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What comes after quick quicks? SLOW KICKS -
 and now you have it - basic Collegiate Shag step.