“Oh I love to dance, oh I should dance, oh I’m gonna practiiiii…uuuh tomorrow” – and with tomorrow comes another tomorrow!
YES, WE ARE DEDICATING this edition to miss or mister universe Procrastination – the fabulous guilt of not doing it, the oh so charming disappointment and all the posh MEH feelings that we do have – we want it or not. 
This edition is for all the attempts when we got ready, planned, dreamed, almost did it and so we give you the whole set of it! Full on BODY&FOOT wear for you to pamper yourself aaaaaand not to practice, just because – BECAUSE. 
If one thing we learned during this worldwide lockdown is to embrace both sides:
The lazy and the energetic 
The motivated and the &^%&^ this *&^6 
The hopeful and the hopeless 
– You get the point, no?
Pamela has a thing for jumpsuits, maybe because they are so darn comfy! 
We made 2 of them – one for the elegance and the other one for the blooming in colors.
Light wear with soft materials to emphasize the movement, freely kick as high as the sky and just feel special ‘cuz it’s not mass produced – it’s handmade with so much care and attention that it’s hard to measure!

The Swingin’ Shoes Skilful Edition club: