Autumn Romance

Summer is almost gone, but oh the memories will last at least till winters’ cold takes up space in our heads.
Is it the heat that makes us more adventurous, or the brighter sun that makes us squint and imagine more? No, it must be the wind of the sea, that blows out the messy minds and blows in some light-heartedness.
So be it. More relaxed and more willing we tangle ourselves into summer flings, this time we flirt with Mambo, tease Charleston and take slow walks with Blues.
Clues of the sun after you tried to tame it all day.
Flirt with me
Move your hips for me
Close your eyes for me
~ mambo
Dear sea, I can not forget you. It’s been two weeks – the sand keeps finding its way to my skin.
Tease me
Dress up for me
Dance with me
When the sunset is painting the long shadows beneath my feet.
Walk with me
Talk to me
Fall for me

The Swingin’ Shoes Summer Fling Edition club: