This edition is dedicated to WOMEN. 

Women who love jazz, care for each other, search for inspiration from each other and give inspiration to one another.

To women who are band leaders, amazing musicians, creative dancers, podcasts owners, panel discussion organizers, swing channel hosts, event organizers, badass Djs and so much more! 

Thanks to all the women, that P.mela Swingin’Shoes team is surrounded by – we can grow as dancers and people, also stay inspired! 

Here are a few inspiring women who Pamela suggest to get to know if you don't know  them already 😉

Well about this dancer I have been talking for years! Her turn I stole made me quite recognizable for it - so thank you, Betty! And again, multi talented - ballet dancer, tap dancer, comic…  absolute badass

I don’t even know where to start.. She is my idol. Just go and check her videos! She is incredible - the tricks, turns, rhythms, acting, singing... I can’t even, hit the Internets!

I mean, woooow, as soon as I started dancing and hit the youtube, I was mesmerized by her movement! The way her legs and hips movessss…ah! I trained for hours and hours - and didn’t even get close! You have to see her dance.

I am so impressed with her footwork! The step she starts with - looks  so easy... Weeeell it took me hours to learn and clean it up. hehe

Ok, Dawn is so special to me. After her lecture in Herrang I cried many times. Cried from happiness, from inspiration overload, from the power she got and gave! After hearing her for the first time when I was 16 I made a pinky swear that I’m gonna grow old and dance and be like Dawn Hampton ♡

Incredible incredible dancer! Her story and dedication is just soooo inspiring! I heard many panel talks with her and I have been nothing but amazed how much will power and love she has for lindy hop!

I stole quite a few steps from this dancer! I love how she is moving, such a powerful attitude and fierce energy mixed with elegance. What do you think?

She is an amazing singer! Her “Sunny Side” version is one of my favorites! Also oh she can dance!!! I learned this routine that they do in the video - it was a nice challenge, will you try?

Ah she is amazing! She slides and i love to slide too! Ah she is such an inspiration! Check her out - she has lovely rhythms and from time to time they are quite possible to steal!

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