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Broad Description of St. Louis Shag – by Christian Frommelt

St. Louis Shag is an up-tempo dialect of swing-Charleston developed in St. Louis, Missouri during the mid-1930s. This form of Shag is distinguished from Collegiate Shag and Carolina Shag by its rhythmically diverse eight-count basic and side-by-side starting position. Historically, St. Louis Shag was not a stand-alone dance, but an element of the wider Lindy Hop or jitterbug styles featuring swingouts and acrobatics, often reserved for fast tempos, competitions, and jam circles...
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Christian Froommelt

Enjoy a short podcast I got pleasure to record with Christian Frommelt, one of my favorite dancers, and pick his brain about St.Louis the dance and the city and moooore! :

Rokas and Simona

Well there is quite a lot to tell about these two. Long story short Simona was my teacher when i started dancing, so she is a total badass, period. Rokas ,truth to be told, learned his first St.Louis step from me, but now its me whos learning so much from him and his partner Simona, so once again im so glad to be a student of these inspiring souls.

The main song of this edition was played by The Gaslight Squares enjoy more of their music on The Band Camp:

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