Beat by Beat

“Beat by Beat Swingin’Shoes Edition is dedicated to MUSIC.

I started dancing not because I loooved jazz, it was because I was mesmerized by the movement and the energy of the dancers.

So it took me quite a bit of years to appreciate swing music for its music and a looong trip to New Orleans, city of jazz,  to fall head over heels with all this swinging business.

Fun fact – now, when I teach, I often say that music is first and just then it’s me and the person I’m dancing with.

Music is what unites us in a dance.

Music is what defines the groove.

Music is what makes me move.

Music is what invites me to create.

Music is what defines the style of a dance.

Music is what creates space for my dancing interpretations.

What we choose to listen to, what we let ourselves to hear in the music, how we interpret our movement to it – it defines us and our style! I always remember this quote of Ella Fitzgerald: “Everybody wants to know about my style and how it came about. It’s no big secret. It’s the way I feel.”   and she is definitely one of the best musicians in history of jazz and performed many tunes that we love to listen and dance to.

There is so much I can say about this topic, oh goodness!..”

– Pamela

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