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Hand to Hand Swingin’Shoes Edition is dedicated to PARTNERSHIPS.

“After dancing and having quite a lot of different partnerships – I realized one thing – the partnerships, which is worth to keep and work on, are the ones that are built on communication.

Meanwhile if your partner is not willing to hear you out, either to talk about good and tricky things – probably it won’t last long or won’t be a pleasant healthy partnership.

The biggest shift when I felt in my partnerships – it was when I started trusting myself more and getting into the art of communication, so here I would love to share some thoughts and info about it.”



Lets choose partners who share the same passion for the dance.
Those who support and make effort to listen.
Who give and find inspiration within us.
Ones who care and with whom we feel safe.
Partners with whom we really enjoy dancing with.
Partners who we respect and who respect us.
Dancers who share the same values about learning and teaching.
PAMELA: As I am lucky to have great dance partners I would like to share little things, thoughts or moments about them. With them (and from them) I got to learn what a great, supporting partnership means. With some of them I work for years, with others I did short inspiring collaborations
Felix Berghall
I always admired his hunger for information about music, history and willingness to do my crazy ideas! These days one of my favorite things to do – is to listen to this podcast and of course I got to know about it from dear Felix. 

The app to download – “NPR One”. Then for the search write “jazz profiles” and here you are! – ALL THE PODCASTS ARE WORTH LISTENING 

Martynas Stonys 
This man, anytime I teach with him I learn so much! I love the way his mind works, so I would like to share his blog with you. 
Rikard Ekstrand
I call him and old wolf – in Lithuanian it means, that the person is extremely wise and experienced. I think we are extremely different people: I am very quick, moody, loud and so on…and Rikard as a wise man likes to take time and is more grounded (haha). Anyways, I never ever felt not accepted for who I am and that feels amaaaaazing.
A beautiful article about Rikard 
Mikey Pedroza 
Mikey doesn’t travel as much anymore and I get to work with him very rarely, but he will always have a nice spot in my heart. He supported me with no doubt from the very first day we met 8 years ago, he saw me cry like 1000000 times for many reasons, but we laughed 10000 times more than I cried. He showed me what it means to reeeaalllyyy practice. Also he ate Lithuanian traditional food with hot sauce… didn’t forgive him for that yet 
My favorite routine of his with his beautiful partner Nikki Marvin 
Arnas Jasiunas
This guys was my partner when I was 17/18 years old!  I always admired his look at the dance as an art. I really appreciate every opportunity we get to create something together. 
Christian Frommelt 
The first time I saw him dancing my jaw hit the floor. Every time I get to dance, teach or practice with him – I’m just in the clouds! 
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Dax Hock
I will be always thankful for Dax for sharing his knowledge about teaching. He thought me to reflect on dancing and teaching – and I think I made it to where I am because I always questioned what’s what! so thank YOU! 
And  I want to share with you his and his partner’s Sarah Breck project Rhythm Juice. Recently they shared some cool stuff on their youtube channel. 
Nicolas Deniau
I enjoyed our partnership in creating routines – definitely learned a lot about what is style and stage presents! I would like to share one of my favorite routines on my favorite song! 
Brother and Sisters in Rhythm
This is the team that I have been a part of and damn I love them all so much! And the teamwork and the partnerships that this team has are just wonderful! 
For this performance Alice was injured, but the support she gave us and  the way encouraged us, and  how the whole team readopted the routine is something worth to remember! 
Anders  Sihlberg
with Anders I got to train only once in summer at Herrang Dance Camp. He is such a professional and encouraging, and hard working dancer!  I was lucky to learn from and practice with – and we came like a hurricane to ILHC! 

Cheers to the partnerships!