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Women & Jazz Swingin’Shoes Edition is dedicated to WOMEN, YES.

“The first idea what this edition is gonna be about was quite different from what it ended up being.. After seeing this panel talk I couldn’t resistand make it about Women!”


online panel talk to inspire YOU too! 

The routine I created for this Women & Jazz Edition was created within inspiration of these wonderful dancers: 

Cora LaRedd
Daisy Richardson
Marie Bryant
Jeni Legon
Eleanor Powel 

Wanna get inspired & learn the routine?

“There are so many women who I admire so much and inspires me a lot! I won’t be able to mention all of them here, but hopefully it will be like a snow ball for you and by starting your explorations. This way you will find more and more women to follow and get to learn about!” 

Dj Helena Martins and her wonderful dj set with Felix 


A whole show dedicated to women of jazz dancing and hosted by Marie N’diaye on  

Go and look for her at Twitch SwingChannel here

And here you can find all the social media channels Marie is in

Also  a wonderful band leader Naomi Uyama we used her song (Naomi & Her Handsome Devils – Little Girl Blues) for the intro video 
Also The International Sweethearts Of Rhythm 


A podcast by wonderful Earanee Niedzwiecki dedicated to women of jazz

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Cheers to the WOMEN!